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Lifestyle Storage Solutions

More space to refine your lifestyle

Practical solutions to your lifestyle needs.

Does your lifestyle and living situation vary frequently? Find a flexible storage option with Key Self-Storage for convenient adaptability whenever you need!

Lifestyle storage is perfect for students, frequent travelers, or those living in small homes!

Key Self-Storage units can be the perfect solution for students, outdoor enthusiasts, or young professionals looking for a little wiggle room.

Storage for Travelers and Trips

Storage solutions for people on the move


Students can take advantage of our 5×5 storage units for housing their dorm contents over the summer, or for keeping their childhood treasures safe as mom converts their old bedroom into a craft room.

Hobbies & sports

Avid gardeners, campers, and sports enthusiasts can use our 5×10 units for storing equipment, outdoor gear, bicycles, and other larger items so you can enjoy more space at home!

Side hustle

Anyone trying to launch their entrepreneurial career knows the struggles of maintaining a work/life balance. Investing in one of our 10×10 units can help you house inventory, office items, and other equipment, and help you keep work and home life separate.

Travel & leisure

Storage can also support your travel and leisure requirements! Do you like to travel and lack the space to keep your things while you’re gone? Our 10×20 storage units might be the perfect solution!

Is your stuff temperamental to temperature?

Rest easy knowing Key Self Storage has temperature controlled units to ensure your belongings remain safe from the elements.

Storage Boxes

The answer to all your storage needs

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