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Packing Supplies

All the packing supplies you need

Preparedness is Key!

Proper packing supplies protocol

People often underestimate the importance of packing their items carefully and methodically before transport and storage.

But, without the proper method, tools, and packing supplies, your precious items can easily become damaged – either during transport or while they’re stored.

When it comes to packing and finding the right moving supplies, Key Self Storage has your back!

With our onsite moving supplies shop, you’re sure to find all the products you need for any moving situation.


We offer durable cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes to accommodate your more common household items, such as filing boxes for paperwork, fragile dishware, mirrors, flat-screen TVs, or wardrobe.


Our selection of durable, high-quality, precision-grade locks were selected for our onsite store with your security in mind! All of our available locks are weather-proof to avoid deterioration or rust and ensure the safety of your belongings.

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Tape – the real MVP of the packing and moving world. From sealing boxes to acting as a protective layer for labels, a roll of heavy-duty tape will be your best friend while packing. For some extra help and convenience, we recommend investing in a tape gun!

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Covers & Wraps

When packing boxes we use bubble wrap and cloth coverings to protect our fragile belongings, covers and wraps do the same job for your large furniture items! For an extra layer of protection, wrap your belongings in a padded cushion to avoid any unwanted dings or scrapes.

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Tools & Accessories

To keep your move as stress-free as possible, it’s important to have all the right tools and accessories you’ll need right from the start! Having a box cutter, a Sharpie or permanent marker for labelling, rope for tying things down, and a dolly or cart to help with heavier items will save you a ton of stress!

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Safety and Sanitization

Safety and sanitation are important and often overlooked aspects of the moving process. Thinking logically, you probably don’t want to move all that old dust and dirt with you from your old location to the new, and safety products like goggles or sure-grip gloves are incredibly useful for your protection when moving heavy or fragile items.

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