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Packing Tips

Essential Packing Tips

The do’s and don’ts of packing and storage.

Use quality packing materials

How many times have you been moving and the box you lift falls apart either due to flimsy cardboard or weak tape? Quality packing materials can provide durability, security, and peace of mind!

Wrap items in cloth rather than plastic bags

Wrapping items in cloth reduces the accumulation of condensation from temperature shifts. Plastic doesn’t allow for ventilation and traps moisture, which can damage your items over time.

Label your boxes

  • Labelling your boxes provides extra awareness during the moving process. Clearly labelling your boxes as fragile tells the movers to proceed with added consciousness where they might not otherwise.
  • Marking the room on the box makes unpacking quick and easy! You’ll save time by bringing the box directly to where it belongs!

Don’t overpack boxes

It might seem counter-intuitive in the packing stage, but try to reserve large boxes for lightweight items and small boxes for heavy items. This will help you out when moving and eliminate the struggle with heavy, bulky boxes.

Individually wrap fragile items

For an extra layer of protection, it’s always best to individually wrap all your fragile dishware. The protective layer of wrapping creates a little cushioning between items, diminishing probability of breakage.

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Tape an X on your glass

Putting an X on your glass picture frames, doors, or artwork provides a little extra structural stability and can help eliminate breakage. The tape also clings to all the glass pieces should breakage occur, making clean-up much easier in the event that something does break.

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Sealable bags for nuts and bolts

This is honestly the best moving trick! When dismantling furniture, slip all nuts, bolts, or corresponding tools into a ziplock back, then tape that bag to the furniture item. You won’t have to worry about lost pieces or remember where you carefully stored something when it’s time to move!

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When you move into the unit, put the least used items at the back.

There’s no sense in climbing over all your things or completely unpacking your unit to get to that one box in the back bottom corner that has the important documents you need. Organizing your unit by keeping your more commonly used items to the front will make storage much easier for you in the long run.

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