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Residential Storage Solutions

Unlock more space as your family grows

Free up some room by tidying up your home.

What Kind of Storage Do I Need?

Figuring out your storage needs can help us recommend a suitably sized unit!


When decluttering your home space we recommend looking at our 5×5 units. This size is perfect for storing your outdoor gear, small appliances, or purging your space before a move.

Seasonal storage

If you’re needing a personal storage unit for your seasonal storage, we recommend the 5×10 size. This is a fabulous solution for bulkier items you don’t use all year round like the snowblower, holiday decorations, or your winter tires.


If you are in the middle of renovating or redecorating your home, we recommend using our 10×15 units, which are great for consolidating entire sets of furniture and getting those bulkier items out of the way!

Home staging

When preparing your home for selling, staging and creating the perfect, sleek setting is a must! Our units can act as a temporary solution for clearing away your more personal, bulky, or non-display items and creating a more curated, clutter-free space for potential buyers.

Get ready to move your stuff

Our team can help you and your family prepare to move into your personal storage unit. Read our advice here.

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